Dear Valued Welcome Wagon Partner,

As the world is faced with one of the largest challenges of our time, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. I want to personally reach out to thank you for your business and to let you know what we are doing during this unfortunate time for you, our client.

We recognize that many throughout our country cannot leave their homes and that many of our clients have shuttered their operations to prevent the spread of the virus. We must also protect our many Community Marketing Executives that call on businesses around the US.

We have decided to do our part by temporarily suspending door-to-door sales and the publication of print and digital ads. We will post an update when distribution resumes.

For those of you whose businesses are on pause, this will hopefully come as a relief, as our valuable new homeowners can’t visit your office or location. For those of you that this may frustrate, our goal is to give you maximum exposure during good and productive times for your business. We commit that we will provide all clients with the months of service that you have contracted for. You will not lose anything but will gain, as distribution will begin once the economy begins moving again. Additionally, we commit to one additional free month of both print and digital service (if part of your agreement) for FREE.

We are available to provide customer service, to add new clients and to answer your questions at (800) 779-3526.

May you, your family and employees stay healthy and strong. Thank you for being part of the Welcome Wagon Community Program to help new homeowners and newcomers find their way.


Steven J Goodman

CEO & President