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Family Practitioners are unique in the services they provide, caring for all ages and providing all the healthcare needs for the entire family. With 68% of new movers willing to change their primary doctor, it’s essential for family practitioners to establish a strong relationship with new movers.



With Welcome Wagon’s print and digital marketing solutions, pediatricians and family doctors are able to introduce themselves to new movers before their competition does. Let’s explore some effective marketing ideas that you as a family practitioner can use increase your patient base.


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Use Welcome Wagon to Effortlessly Enhance your Print and Digital Advertising


Since 1928, Welcome Wagon’s personalized greetings and local community information has touched the lives of over 100 million households across America. Focusing on support and growing businesses, Welcome Wagon has successfully helped family practitioners connect with new residents moving into the local community.


Welcome Wagon’s print and digital strategies have proven successful, putting you in contact with new movers ahead of the competition. Most people moving into a new area are seeking out a trusted medical practice for their family shortly after their move is complete. Welcome Wagon can help you reach them quickly, often resulting in that first visit and ultimately a family of patients for a lifetime.


Contacting new arrivals to your community should be a part of your marketing strategy that is often overlooked, but simple to incorporate. With Welcome Wagon you can help you increase your patient base though customized programs including gift books, postcards, social media marketing campaigns, new mover emails, and more.


Dynamic Print Solutions



Welcome Wagon Gift Book  


The traditional Welcome Wagon Gift Book greets new movers in the community. Pediatricians and family doctors can secure their spot in the high-quality, long-lasting Gift Book, which gives them a custom, full page ad with their practice information and a compelling offer to spark interest in new movers. The Gift Book also provides complete category exclusivity so you won’t have to worry about your competitor being on the next page. New movers will receive information about all your services and also a reminder to schedule an appointment for yearly physicals. 


Pinpoint Postcards


With a focus on establishing personal relationships with the new residents, Welcome Wagon will follow-up 30 days after move-in with the highly-efficient, oversized Pinpoint Postcard to showcase your medical business with a compelling offer. The affordable Postcard helps create brand awareness and delivers a concise message by creating demand for your medical service.


Digital Marketing


Directory Inclusion


For Family Practitioners who prefer to greet new movers digitally, Welcome Wagon has you covered! Pediatricians and family doctors can increase their discoverability and strengthen their online presence by utilizing Welcome Wagon’s free mobile app. Your medical business will be featured on our Directory Inclusion, which is accessible on Welcome Wagon’s website or free mobile app.

Welcome Wagon’s Directory Inclusion showcases your business’s great offers, beautiful images, and a map to help new movers easily commute to your doctor’s office. New movers can also interact with the one-touch feature to call or visit your website for more information.


Use Social Media to Your Advantage


Social Media Marketing (SMM), when done correctly, is quite effective. Welcome Wagon’s digital experts can create the perfect campaign to reach prospective patients. It’s important to creative, post frequently, and develop posts which encourage interaction. Having Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and staying active on all the platforms can help you grow your patient base.


A great first impression in your office can mean new patients. Encourage your patients to post reviews on Facebook. Offer promotions on social media like discounts or specials when they mention a promotion while making their next appointment. Welcome Wagon’s Social Media Marketing program allows for hyper-targeted marketing of your business. Get ready to grow your online presence and increase brand awareness through the world’s leading social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Develop A Better Website


“Clicks” to your website are important, but even more important are conversions. You can increase both by developing your website to reflect the care you provide. The majority of patients today use the internet to find a family practitioner. Once you get prospects to your website, welcome them and provide the information they need, encouraging them to visit your office. Give visitors to your website, helpful links that encourage interaction, links to needed forms, and incentives. Maximize your website to reach current and existing patients by optimizing it for mobile users. Mobile phones account for more than 60 percent of healthcare searches today, so making your site mobile friendly will help you engage with more patients than ever.


Contact Welcome Wagon


For 91 years, Welcome Wagon has helped create lasting relationships between new movers and local businesses. Their goal is to assist patients in saving money, growing family practitioners businesses, and helping the local economy prosper. For more information on Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing offerings personalized for growing your medical practice, contact Welcome Wagon today!


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