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A good image is worth a thousand words

By Roland Fier

Effective ads are made up of various elements and today we will focus on one of them – Images.


The key value that imagery represents for marketing is that it can attract people’s attention, maintain, guide, and successfully convey the ad’s message. Photos are clear at a glance, while other elements (such as text) are almost impossible to achieve that same quick, eye-catching effect. They are essential to a successful advertising strategy.


How should an image be utilized in an ad?


An ad should include one or two striking images that illustrate the business, product, service or offer. Consumers tend to respond better to images of people than they do to an image of a generic product or service. Ideally, an image should portray a person using the advertised product or service. For example, a dental ad using an image of a happy person with beautiful teeth in a dental office will send a strong and concise message to the reader of the ad’s content; a dental ad using a picture of an empty dental chair or piece of equipment may bore the viewer and even leave them with questions. Your images should be enticing and relevant to the target audience. The image should tell the story of the ad at a glance.


Offers that contain an image showing a product are more likely to convert. The idea is to help a reader visualize what they would be getting. In situations where the offer is for a service, an image of a happy person or satisfied customer will be most effective.


When choosing an image for an ad, keep in mind the age and the resolution. As technologies in photography progress – image clarity, quality, color, and trends like fashion tend to show an image’s age. Low-resolution images will appear blurry and can hurt the effectiveness of an ad.


Stay tuned to learn about other elements that make up an effective ad. Happy advertising!

6 Best Ways to Retain Customers and Increase Business ROI


Excerpted from The Real PBX blog post by Naina Rajput

How do you keep your customers and ensure long-term relationships with them? So, if you are not aware of it or don’t know from where you should start, here are some points that you can follow for retaining your customers. 

#1 Onboarding Training Programs

Having knowledge of service is crucial in delivering good customer service. You can easily achieve the desired business results by implementing the training programs in your business.

#2 Get Feedback

Getting customers’ opinions is the easiest way to streamline their journey and to find an area of improvement in services. 

#3 Keep Track of Communication

Keeping track of communication helps you to know when your customers visited you last.

#4 Business Newsletter

Newsletters are a cost-effective way to retain customers. It nudges customers to think of your brand and enhances business belief. You can send business updates, promotional offers to customers so that they will be engaged and updated. This is a simple way to retain customers for longer business relationships.

#5 Loyalty Programs

It is important to keep your existing customers engaged with you. You can’t ignore your loyal customers as they are a crucial factor for business growth. You can give rewards or offers to existing customers for their continued loyalty. This practice makes customers happy and increases the chances of longer business relationships.

#6 Proactive Support

As it is obvious, no one wants to wait for long periods to get their queries resolved. Proactive customer support will help to make the communication process streamlined. 


Existing customers provide you a better and easy chance to earn profits. Follow different approaches to retain customers and increase the chances for business growth.

Business Spotlight

This month, we are featuring CT Basements of Seymour, CT as our Business Spotlight. They have several divisions and are active in supporting many local community efforts. We are proud to recommend them to the new movers of Connecticut!


CT Basements has been in business for over 34 years and has serviced over 85,000 homes in CT & NY. In CT, this translates to 1 out of every 8 homes. Their services include basement waterproofing, finishing, and foundational work. Other divisions offer home installation and junk removal – also especially useful services.


Blair Steinberg, Marketing Manager shared, “It has been a pleasure working with the Welcome Wagon team. Everyone has been extremely responsive and helpful. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to helping new homeowners with their home improvement needs!”


CT Basements cares for people in their community. They are active in supporting and/or participating in causes ranging from Seymour Pink (Breast Cancer Charity) to the holiday giving week with the CVC to Make-a-Wish.


Visit: YourBestBasements.com or call 844-261-4413.

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